CoasterStock 2018 ~Kings Island ~Day 1

Our first CoasterStock was this year and we had a blast! Possibly one of the most fun weekends I’ve had at a park in a long time! The event included tons of tours and even a few subtle hints at the future and even some pieces of the past. So here is our day 1 recap from the all the fun and behind the scenes tours!

Our day started with exclusive ride time (ERT) on many rides: Banshee, The Bat, Invertigo, Drop Tower, and Delirium.

Our first great tour of the event was behind the scenes of Banshee. This provided some cool new unique angles of the coaster for us and also a neat Delirium angle too!

On a side note, I love seeing riders faces in the pictures we take! It’s like our own personal on-ride photo:

Through the middle of the day we had a chance to take some cool shots of Diamondback.

Then it was onto lunch with special guests Executive Chef James Majors and Park GM Mike Koontz.

The speaker session went on quite awhile and we learned some things about the park’s future and current happenings:

  • Chef Majors wants to bring more fresh inspired and local food to the park
  • 2017 was the highest park attendance in a season since 1998
  • Wintefest will be expanding its offerings including 2 new rides and a previously closed area of the park during the event
    • Flight of Fear
    • Shake Rattle and Roll
    • We could speculate new area will reach those rides but more as we officially find out!
  •  Racer will never go backwards again, the coaster was never designed to do so and should not be operated that way
  • Crypt (Tomb Raider) building is one “eyesore” being looked at for year round use by the park
  • Park GM Mike Koontz has recommended to the board of Cedar Fair that Kings Island get a giga coaster in the next 3-4 years. Nothing set in stone or progressing as of yet. Given Cedar Fair’s typical timeline of planning things 3-5 years ahead we could assume the planning has begun if a coaster of that size is in the works
  • The park has no plans to expand into a new section at this time
  • Dinosaurs Alive former site has no current development plan. The area only appears “touched from the removal of the dinos from the 3rd party company. The space could be used for Haunt in the short-term but no further developments are taking place
  • GM Koontz never wants to RMC the classic wooden coasters
  • Boo Blasters is “on the radar” for upgrades in the coming years
  • Roaming all day locker rental is being explored for the park
  • All season locker rental add-on is being looked at as well

Though we don’t have video sadly of Day 2’s guest speaker Adam House, one very interesting statement he made caught our attention. He mentioned a secondary dream (after Kings Island, area where he’s from) of his would be to design a GCI wooden coaster for Cedar Point and said you never know what they could be working on next!

Then we were onto a behind the scenes walk for Racer and Firehawk.  Starting with Racer we went way out by the turnaround section. Sadly only the Red Racer was running during the tour but was still cool to see some new perspectives:

Continuing onto Firehawk, we got an angle those who got to visit the coaster in its original location used to see all the time. For those that don’t know Firehawk was once X-Flight at Geauga Lake. In some of our shots you can see the old original  green color showing through:

Our last tour of day 1 was Diamondback, with some great views of Mystic Timbers as well.

Our day wrapped up with some night ERT on Backlot Stunt Coaster, Beast, Mystic Timbers, Vortex and Diamondback. Lines were pretty much non-existent for all the ERT sessions during the 2 day event making for lots of fun riding!

We’ll have even more tour highlights and more in our day 2 post stay tuned for that coming soon!

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