CoasterMania Cruise ~ Cedar Point 2018

We got some great shots at the annual coaster enthusiast event CoasterMania at Cedar Point and wanted to share some pictures form the water!

Looking towards Millennium Force and Top Thrill from the marina area:

The angles get more fun as we depart and head on out to open waters:

Nearing the tip of the peninsula we get some great looks at Steel Vengeance and Maverick:

For those of you that followed our construction updates, there was a lot of pictures taken from that dock area:

Here’s a couple nice wide shots, the first showing off most of the park, very long from the outer point:

On the east side of the park, we see some cool angles with Magnum, Cedar Point Shores, and Top Thrill Dragster which tends to photo-bomb a lot of our pictures with its height:

Most of Magnum XL-200’s layout:

Hotel Breakers beauty shot:

Wicked Twister and Giant Wheel:

Another park wide-shot:

Most of Gatekeeper’s layout:

Getting artsy with Steel Vengeance:

Another nice shot of Steel Vengeance:

A few nice pictures on the way back to the marina, love that first Raptor picture:

We also quickly jetted over to Marblehead to check out the lighthouse:

Thanks for checking out our cruise pictures and be sure to follow our socials for even more amusement park fun!

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