Clermont Steel Track Plant ~ 7/4/18 ~ Canada’s Wonderland Dive Coaster and More!

Clermont Steel Track Plant ~ 7/4/18 ~ Canada’s Wonderland Dive Coaster and More!

I’ll admit it was long overdue for us, but today we paid our first, of what is likely many, to Clermont Steel Fabricators LLC. We use “visit” loosely because we do not trespass and they do not take visitors so all of these pics are taken from the road as we drove by.

So what did we find? Let’s start with the obvious one: Canada’s Wonderland Dive Coaster. These burnt orange pieces with a bigger spine are heading north of the border. We’ve seen on several other sites and videos, track of this color and look, already at the park! 

Even more interesting, we can see the base of the lift hill for that coaster in this photo:

Here’s a close up of one more piece in this set that seems to have just been completed days ago, wonder how soon these ones will make their way north?

These yellow pieces are normal sized indicating they are not wing or dive coaster but could rather be for a hyper, floorless or other model. 

The pictures above appear to be lift hill pictures and in this picture we used way above, we can spot another lift hill piece as well as the lift hill base:

Notice the MC on the end of the piece in this picture below? That likely stands for mega coaster a classification used for any hyper or giga style coaster. But where is the better question we will await the answer to:

Small supports or connectors are also sitting nearby:

In several areas especially down a side of the building are tons of raw pieces, raw referring to non-primed and unpainted. They could likely belong to the yellow track project but only time will tell! They are numbered as high as the low 100s so definitely are decent sized coaster going somewhere:

We also see some pieces with just a grey primer sitting in various places among the painted track and in its own area too:

Unless my eyes deceive me, on this close up of a primed piece there a is a dark blue painted piece right next to it. We also notice that primed piece has the code “SC” on it. This code is for sitting coaster, stand-up is usually “SU” and I wouldn’t expect to see one of those. Remember though all these projects could go anywhere in the world. This plant is one of two I believe so who knows where it’s headed:

Well that is all we have to share this trip! It will be fun to visit this area several times per year and see what we find especially when we have project/ ride names and know what to look for.

We want to again stress  WE DO NOT TRESPASS!!! You may see better pictures on other sites and videos of closer shots. Our pictures are as close as the zoom lens can get us! We will not risk legal repercussions, and we respect the industry and the people who work here too much! I see far too many people and coaster fans posing on or with track in restricted areas especially with a simple google of this plant and looking at images. I’ll get off my soapbox now. 

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  1. Dan says:

    Yellow track could be Kennywood Project 412

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