Clermont B&M Track Plant ~ 10/7/18 ~ Yukon Striker; 2 Other Coasters On-Site!

Clermont B&M Track Plant ~ 10/7/18 ~ Yukon Striker; 2 Other Coasters On-Site!

We took a visit back to see what’s been happening at our favorite local track plant and, once again,we  weren’t disappointed! First lets start with what we now know. Yukon Striker track is still coming out of the plant.. All we found were these 2 pieces loaded and ready to make the trip north of the border:

Be sure to take a look at a construction tour we had when we visited the park last month and our July visit to the factory to see more track pictures of Yukon Striker:

Back to today’s visit, we spotted 2 other types of coaster and have really begun to decipher the language of the codes written on the track.

First we see more of the yellow track we saw last time. But this time were see more regular, non station or lift, pieces and there are tons. The code we see on this is MC-Q, read that as mega coaster, layout Q.  

There are also many primed track pieces not yet painted yellow sitting all over. The great news is we have figured out where this track is going! The bad news is unless you have a trip planned to Beijing next year you won’t be able to ride Music Roller Coaster coming to Happy Valley. As you can see in this link, pictures of track on-site have the same MC-Q . So sadly this means we must end the speculation this is a North American Coaster. 

So we move back to this Blue colored track, which we believe we saw a couple of pieces of back in July as well. Now we see tons more and even better this time we have a similar code, WI-P. Again we read that, Wing Coaster layout -P and this one brings in a mystery of sorts.

Obviously the track could be going oversees but when consulting the lettering system we described and taking a look at this page, we see that letters N, O, and P are missing. This is because some models of Wing Coasters are clones and thus do not get a new letter in the system. So not only do we not know where P is going but we don’t even know where N and O are in the design process. Keep in mind sometimes letters do end up out-of-order for example, Valravn at Cedar Point was DM-H while Yukon Striker is DM-G. Sometimes designs don’t come out as early as later designs, etc. 

So we’ll keep our eyes and ears open and if any readers have any insight on the blue track feel free to contact us or respond to a social post! We love hearing your thoughts! 

We want to again stress  WE DO NOT TRESPASS!!! You may see better pictures on other sites and videos of closer shots. Our pictures are as close as the zoom lens can get us! We will not risk legal repercussions, and we respect the industry and the people who work here too much! I see far too many people and coaster fans posing on or with track in restricted areas especially with a simple google of this plant and looking at images.

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