Cedar Point Construction Update ~ Closing Day 2017

With the season behind them, America’s Roller Coast looks ahead to 2018. Surprisingly to some, there’s more than just the world’s first hyper hybrid coaster new for next year. So let’s take a look at the other new additions and a couple subtractions on the way to the coaster capital of the world!

As you can see in the video above lots of other work will be taking place at the park during the off-season. First, we take our final look at Sandcastle Suites Hotel and Breakwater Cafe. Both closed the week before closing day and will not re-open. According to the recent blog post, the properties will be demolished. No announcement on what will replace the hotel restaurant combo at this time:

The hotel area also featured tennis courts with some nice views of the Magnum XL-200 turnaround area:

Inside the park and also with demolition in its future is the  Extreme Sports Stadium. This was once an aquatic stadium as well home to dolphins. The future of this piece of land will be very interesting. Cedar Point doesn’t let blank spots of land inside their gates stay that way for long.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see something coming pretty quick to this area, even if its a relocation of a ride or two.

On the addition side of 2018, we first have the Breakers Hotel expansion. We’ve been watching this project progress all summer just outside the gates of the park. We can see the building is enclosed and looks down on the outside other than some balcony railings and minor touches.

Another expansion in 2018 is the Cedar Point Boardwalk. This will be expanded to reach the main parking lots and allow day guests the easier ability to enjoy the beach activities throughout the summer. Another thought here is the Cedar Point Shores parking lot. Often filling to capacity during the summer would mean having to take a shuttle to get to the waterpark. With the newly expanded boardwalk, guests will be able to park up front and walk to the waterpark.

This is the one project out of the many listed that we can see clear progress already. Survey markers and even packed dirt are the beginnings of the new boardwalk:

We’ll have tons more to share throughout the off-season as we get updates and even more from the park’s off-season tour winter chill out! I’m sure we’ll also see plenty on Steel Vengeance during the off-season as well so stay tuned for those updates as we get them!

Also remember we are not a 1-park site, we’ll have coverage of our travels to many other parks and their announcements throughout Cedar Point’s off-season.  Our coverage of Florida parks will always continue as well since they don’t have an off-season.  The best way to keep up with all your favorite park’s news is to follow our social accounts:

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