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Today, Cedar Point announced via Twitter, that Mean Streak would be getting “The Axe” September 16th, likely to be its final day of operation. The video feature a troll or maybe even miner looking guy swinging an axe at the structure and laughing maniacal.

What it doesn’t indicate is if the wooden coaster is actually being torn down. In recent years we’ve seen old or rougher wooden coaster like Mean Streak, get the RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction) Treatment putting steel track on wooden supports making the coaster smooth and re-imagining the ride for half the price. They also do original projects like the currently plagued Lightning Rod at Dollywood.


Lightning Rod Dollywood

Within the confines of Cedar Fair, Cedar Point’s parent company, we  haven’t yet seen them go for this idea across the chain yet. Instead this past year they just completed an overhaul of Ghostrider with coaster company Great Coasters International restoring the ride to its former glory and making it even better with some re-profiling.


Ghostrider Knotts Berry Farm 001 Ghostrider Knotts Berry Farm 002

GCI is also behind the newly announced Mystic Timbers at Kings Island, another sister park of Cedar Point.

Mystic Timbers Banner/ logo

Remember that when Mantis was turned in Rougarou, an announcement video like the one posted to Twitter today was made:

We will have to wait and see what happens to the fairly new wooden coaster (built-in 1991) as it could be just completely torn down as well! An axe is a powerful tool!

Mean Streak Cedar Point 002

Mean Streak Cedar Point 001

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