Cedar Fair 2018 Announcement Summary

National roller coaster day brought us lots of announcements! Cedar Fair pretty much announced what each of their parks are getting. Though we still have a couple of parks in the chain that haven’t announced anything, here’s a rundown on all things Cedar Fair 2018! For more details on each new item be sure to click the link to see the full post!

The flagship park is going to once again build a coaster bigger and badder than the rest in its respective category. Steel Vengeance is a record breaker not only for hybrid coaster, but all coasters with more airtime than any other coaster. The coaster replaces Mean Streak and we will be keeping our construction updates going through the end of the season!

Over at the Virginia park,  Twisted Timbers a hybrid steel coaster is replacing Hurler at the park. This RMC treatment is smaller than its Cedar Point cousin, but has an interesting feature right off the lift!

Kings Dominion also become the latest park in the chain to add Winterfest to its special events line-up:

The only park in the company north of the border is adding 2 more thrilling flat rides to their line-up. Lumberjack and Flying Canoes bring even more thrills to arguably the best collection of flat rides in park!

Down at the 2-state park, Carowinds announced a familiar area for those who have been to other parks. Camp Snoopy brings new attractions and something different no other Camp Snoopy features:

The second park in the chain is going Delirious for their new ride! Though this ride looks like a coaster, it is called a Larson Loop and definitely not a coaster.

The northern California park announced the 3rd of 4 coaster announced by Cedar Fair on National Roller Coaster Day! RailBlazer brings another RMC to the company but this is a single rail coaster and a fun looking concept that is well themed! Remember that the first coaster like this was announced early in the month by Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

The 4th and final coaster of the day was announced by the southern California park. Hangtime provides just that before plunging you down from 150 feet in the air. This coaster will fit in nicely on The Boardwalk!


In 2018 Worlds of Fun goes Icelandic with Nordic Chaser!

The final 3 parks in the company haven’t announced rides:

Dorney Park did announce a new eatery for their waterpark Wildwater Kingdom called Tidal Wave Cafe .

Nothing has been heard from the park near Kalamazoo.

Perhaps the most interesting quiet park is Kings Island. Fresh off the addition of Mystic Timbers, we have learned that the coaster will operate this winter when the park opens for Winterfest! Park PR person, Don Helbig, has also mentioned in an interview with KICentral.com that the park will announce something later on “when the timing is better”.

Other Company Notes:

Many parks have added the Pre-K pass bringing the total to 6 out of 11 parks  offers kids ages 3 Р5 years old a free Pre-K pass. The Pre-K pass grants complimentary admission to the registered park for the entire season!

Finally, All Season Fastlane has been expanded to being offered at all park except Cedar Point. Prices vary per park but the perk is only available at the park it is paid for.

We’re still not done covering announcement season yet! We’ll have full coverage of Six Flags announcement day like we did last year! We’ll also always be keeping an eye out for anything that comes out of nowhere and surprises us! The best way to stay up to date is by following our social channels below.

Over on our Facebook page, we have Fun Facts all week and even more fun with trivia! Our Twitter is always buzzing with the fun we’re having and our YouTube will have several more Steel Vengeance updates before the season ends!

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