Carowinds Teasers Round 5; Copperhead Strike; Announcement Date Set

Granny has added to her recipe over the past couple weeks and we have some other news! We will learn all the details of what Granny is cookin’ up on 8/30. Also notice some other key words on the sign like “Launch a new flavor” and “maneuvers that remain unmatched”. On the second set of keywords, could this mean a new element not yet seen on any ride?

Another sign popped up this week take a look at my takeaways below it:

  • If you call the phone number, you get an “out of office” message
    • The company is working on a shed for Granny Byrd
    • There will be a trade-show on 8/30 at the farm, again a reference to announcement date
  • Synergy in teasers is running rampant more than I can cover this year and this poster is no different:
    • Calico is reference to Knott’s Berry Farm
    • Twisted Timbers to Kings Dominion, from the 
  • FUN in all caps is another neat touch as FUN is the NYSE trading symbol for Cedar Fair

Getting back to Granny’s Recipe we skipped the last week so let’s take a look at the 2 revealed steps from this week and last:

  • The 1st step is to “roll” ingredients, could this be a reference to an inversion as you leave the station? Maybe that is the meaning of unique structures in the sign above as well! 
    • Could also just be a simple meaning as in roll our of the station, but I prefer the above thought more!
  • Step 2 provides seems to be providing us 2 more stats:
    • 2.5 seconds for a “full boil” in my best guess will be the time it take to hit top speed on a launch
    • 42 degrees in Celsius? While there could be a conversion required, I think this could be as easy as saying it will go 42 mph? 
      • Perhaps there is more to read into it but we shall see

With an announcement quite a few more Thursdays away, I’m sure we’ll have more updates to leave us guessing. Stay tuned to our social accounts for more!

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