Carowinds Teasers Round 4; Granny’s Recipe; Copperhead Strike

Carowinds and Granny are cooking up something big for sure and this week we got some more “ingredients” (read stats) for the new “recipe” (read ride). 

The new numbers are:

  • 3,255 ~ Could be for feet of track in the new coaster
  • 530 ~ This one is a bit of a mystery tons of possibilities, here’s a couple of theories that are probably wrong:
    • Riders per hour
    • Number of track pieces
    • Support pieces, can’t have a coaster recipe without supports after all
    • Maybe it is a hidden number missing a decimal for 53 instead of 530
      • Meaning 53 mph, 53 degree lift or track pieces
  • 2 ~ This one is also a multitude of possibilities:
    • Launches, remember granny is launching something is a line we heard before so very well could be.
      • Coasters of likely the same model have 2 launches frequently
    • Trains
    • Inversions

This is all we have to discuss this week, stay tuned to our socials when granny reveals more of her recipe next week:

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