Carowinds Teasers Final Rounds; Copperhead Strike

We are just 1 week away from learning what granny is cooking up at Carowinds! For this last post before the announcement, we’re going to take a look at steps 3-5 and give our final predictions.  Let’s take a look at all the steps:

Step 3: 

  • Not pictured above the tweet that accompanied step 3 included the word “intoxication”. So again we see more references to moonshine.
  • Though the step is vague in itself, we could use the previous steps to think about what this could be.
    • If step 1 is a roll and step 2 is a launch then could step 3 be a helix or another inversion?
    • Perhaps both an inversion and helix right over top o the initial launch?

Step 4:

  • We see the use of temperature and consider that to be our potential speeds, could the coaster launch again after falling to 35 mph? 
  • If that is the case, we could likely see that second launch from 35-50 mph in just 2 seconds, very do-able in today’s technology!
  • Another stir around the pot here, maybe another inversion?

Step 5:

  • Fold the mixture 5 times could be another code for inversions
    • With this style of coaster thinking more along the lines that there could be 5 or 6 total inversions
  • Be careful to keep contents inside we think is just a final fun joke about keeping passengers on the train! 

Final thoughts:

Overall I think we have a great coaster on our hands with some of these highlights:

  • 2 launches 0-42 and 35-50 mph, hoping for one to be inside a themed building 
  • Up to 6 inversions potentially a roll right out of the station
  • Moonshine theme?
  • 16/ train
  • 2 minutes 24 second ride time
  • 3,255 feet of track
  • At this time not 100% sure this warrants the name Copperhead Strike

I’m very excited to hear the whole story and theme of the new ride and we can’t wait to share it with you! Stay tuned to our socials next Thursday as we prepare to share all the exciting details granny has been cookin’! 

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