Carowinds Begins Teasing for 2019 Coaster (Copperhead Strike?); with Cedar Point Implications?

As we get ready to head for July, teaser season is ramping up and Carowinds has jumped in. They posted 3 separate pictures of interest to Twitter yesterday. Two pictures were of signs now on the walls outside the construction project:

A couple hidden items on this one:

  • Higginbotham Lending and Trust ~ Possibly related to the Mayor of Carowinds
  • Chamberlain Brothers Excavation Co. ~ Chamberlain is the last name of both Maverick and Blackjack at Steel Vengeance but this is the first we’ve heard of an excavation company…hmm….
  • Miami River Lumber Co. ~ The company that has quite the interesting shed just outside the Cincinnati area at Kings Island

Main points on this one:

  • Finest Cedar Trees all over ~ Possible reference to Cedar Point
  • We already touched on Miami River Lumber Co.
  • The lumber is obtained “by Means of Vengeance” ~ obviously a reference to Mean Streak and Steel Vengeance and maybe taking the wood cut off Mean Streak to make Steel Vengeance
  • They are temporarily  sold out of Southern Yellow Pine ~ Coaster maker GCI only uses Southern Yellow Pine until a shipment arrives next season

So what do those references mean to Carowinds or even Cedar Point? Probably nothing but let’s put on our fanboy cap for a few lines and speculate something:

What if “By Means of Vengeance” actually refers to something being put there. We add to that the “next shipment of southern yellow pine won’t arrive until next season” we get the possibility Cedar Point would get a GCI for 2020. There just seems to be too many references to Cedar Point to not mention this idea.

We put tons more speculation in our post about areas to watch at Cedar Point and some other ideas as well. 

On another note, while we doubt Carowinds would get 2 coasters in 2 years, perhaps the shipment of southern pine would be to put a GCI at Carowinds.

Just a few things to think about….

Another was commented as: “A look into the future?” and gave us a peephole shot of what was going on. 

Obviously very early in the process and not much to be seen at this time, but I’m sure there will be some great developments soon! However recent copyright filings from the company suggest the coaster could be called Copperhead Strike

Our friends over at Screamscape have been keeping tabs and was the first place we saw speculation and insight on the project so be sure to click on over to them and have a read!

Also be sure to follow our socials as we share more teasers as they happen! 

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