Carowinds 2019 Teasers: Round 3 Granny’s Cookin; Copperhead Strike

So this week of teases from the 2-state park brings us 7 new signs and a little more consistency looking ahead! If you haven’t already be sure to check out our other Carowinds 2019 updates to see all the signs and our thoughts. We also have our first set of numbers for the new project and their meanings are pretty clear but let’s get to the new signs first!

  • Likely this one continues to allude to Moonshine as we mentioned last week
    • Moonshine comes in many flavors as many know and strengths isn’t really a word you would use with jam.

  • Copper tubing is another moonshine reference as well, being used in production of the product
  • But also, this is the first we hear “copper” and that brings up that trademark name which everyone thinks could be our ride name “Copperhead Strike”
    • Not the last reference we get to it this week, read on
  • Only idea I have for scrap metal is a reference to it being a steel coaster

  • This one is likely a reference to ride manufacturer Mack Rides, known for other ride types like bobsled coasters, and log flumes
    • Sheds makes us think of Mystic Timbers
    • Barns could be the new tease or show style scene in this ride

  • Old cars and parts have been a recent trend in themeing 
    • Again, we think of Mystic Timbers and that old truck crashed into a pole at the entrance
    • Also have to keep in mind the new RMC at Kings Dominion Twisted Timbers and their highly themed trains, much like Mystic Timbers
  • Could the V8 reference be for the launch style coaster we pretty much know is confirmed?

  • Lots of corn to be had here but don’t just enter?
    • Perhaps they have something to hide like that moonshine production
    • The dogs are guarding the barn and the still

  • The only thing of note here is appearances “corn be deceptive”
    • My first thought goes right to moonshine, I know there’s a lot of those so far. While it looks like they are selling corn they are really dealing the distilled beverage
  • At the same time could the story be a whole fake out and have nothing to do with anything they’ve said discussing corn,etc.?
    • Highly unlikely in my opinion

  • Are there snakes in the corn, perhaps? 
  • Why isn’t the repellent sold in stores?
  • This one definitely leaves us with more questions than answers

Given what we’ve seen so far and this week’s additions, a few random ideas come to mind:

  • Copperhead Strike is very much alive and well for a potential name or variation of it, unlike what we said last week
  • Moonshine theme is really starting to be pushed in almost every tease we see something
  • Could the trains be themed to a truck and what story lies behind that?

The tweet that followed those pictures, lends itself to the idea we may be done with teases and the park is ready to start disclosing stats on the new coaster:

  • Cooking time is likely our ride time
  • Serves 16 will likely be the number of people on the train

Additional thoughts on potential story lines, just thinking loosely here:

  • Could Copperhead Strike be a brand of moonshine instead of being themed to a snake striking?
    • That could be what Granny is cooking
    • Or a brand of repellent  
  • Could the barn be a place we launch from on the ride?
    • Maybe after encountering snakes?
  • Maybe it is a rescue mission ride and we have to save the boys from the barn. 
    • That one is unlikely but thought I’d throw the thought in there

At the very least we now know when the next updates will be coming and be sure to stay tuned for our reactions from next week’s reveals!

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