Carowinds 2019 Round 2 of Teasers; Copperhead Strike?

Yesterday and today, Carowinds gave us 2 more posters to ponder and think too deeply on so let’s take a look:

First we have this Whyte Lightning poster:


  • Whyte Lightning has been used before by Cedar Fair as a reference to moonshine, on the defunct Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point
    • Having visited the Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg area has taught me lots about moonshine. Specifically it is made from corn. Remember in last weeks post we had this poster referencing a farm and boys causing trouble.
    • We wonder if the trouble and reason approval is pending is because of the “illegal moonshine running. 
    • Let us also not this site is close to or on the old Thunder Road site. A coaster themed to running moonshine.

  • A variation in spelling “White Lightnin” was once a coaster at Carowinds according to RCDB. Perhaps this is a hint the coaster will be launching?
  • “Harness” and “efficiency” are something every ride maker once to be known for but in several interviews, Michael Mack of Mack Rides stresses the word efficiency, that is probably over thinking it but maybe a unique ride system is coming?
  • “Ron Waldrich” as we first mentioned on our social pages, Waldrich is a very close spelling to Waldkirch, the city the Mack Rides factory calls home. Perhaps Ron is the head of ride development for the company?
  • “137” appears again in this tease, MACK Rides currently has 133 coasters when all is said and done and this opens next spring this could be 137, and that is our best guess, for now.
  • “Arrow Dynamic” likely is only a nod to the old manufacturer and nothing more. A red herring if you will…

Next we have a very familiar name re-appearing:

This tease is just wow so many elements here:

  • First the obvious, another theme to cars the above being spark plugs and now motor oil. Sorta has the Lightning Rod vibe at the moment.
  • The backdrop of a lighting bolt with a cloud is similar to a coaster that left us at another Cedar Fair park; Mean Streak:

  • “Thunder and Lightnin’ ” So here we see that same spelling of Lightnin’ mentioned above as the old launching coaster. 
    • Could this also be a hint at 2 launches maybe each one with their own name?
    • Or will there be 2 tracks and the trains duel and race like the now gone Thunder Road?
  • “Twice the Frightnin’ ” carries the same implications just highlighted above.
  • “Centurion” A name that was more recently, in terms of trademark time, was claimed by Cedar Fair. I very highly doubt this is the name but just another name drop to make the fans go crazy. Maybe someday Centurion will ride somewhere, but the theme set-up doesn’t seem to fit.


Giving my best guess, I would say we see a double launching coaster, from Mack rides obviously. But time will tell what direction this takes and where we head next with teases.  Cedar Fair has been known to throw some non connected signs into all their teaser campaigns and I’m sure some of these are barely connected to the story.   

I will also say unless a snake enters the picture soon or there’s a snake in the corn that attacks us and we launch away twice, I’m not seeing “Copperhead Strike” as a name potential for this.

Be sure to stay with out socials for more insight the next time teases drop or launch:

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