Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces New Wooden Coaster coming in 2017


Today, at the pass-holder preview day the park, a new wooden coaster built by Great Coasters International was announced:

You might notice the coaster doesn’t have a name yet, that is because it will be the world’s first crowd-sourced coaster. Fans will get to contribute and vote on many ideas including advertising. That starts now with the naming as fans have 1 vote per day through April 1st to vote on 1 of the 3 names:

  • Viking Raider
  • Invadr
  • Battle Klash

To vote on the name visit the Busch Gardens Williamsburg Project 2017 page

In case you missed some of the specifications in the video the coaster will feature the following:

  • 74- Foot drop
  • 48mph- Top speed
  • 9- Air-time hills

As highlighted in one of the teasers the coaster lift-hill will cross over the park’s log flume Le Scoot:

Great Coasters International will build the coaster as I mentioned above a company known for some award-winning designs:


I can’t help but notice a very similar stat-line to one of their other project’s White Lightning at Fun Spot here in Orlando. Not saying the coasters will be the same, but just that height and speed are very close.


We can’t wait to watch this project develop:

vikings - invade

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