Bumper Cars Removal for 2017 Project ~ Six Flags over Georgia

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Six Flags over Georgia teased a ride removal announcement all week:

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Today we found out the ride removal was Dodge City Bumper Cars, which has been at the park since 1973. Not only that but today, on the park’s 49th birthday, we find out its closing effective immediately June 16th it will give its last rides at 8 P.M.

Dodge City Bumper Cars ~ Six Flags over Georgia 1 Dodge City Bumper Cars ~ Six Flags over Georgia 2

So why the closure? At this time the only thing that park is telling/ teasing is that is it “is to make way for something BIG coming in 2017”

The 2017 announcement will be made later this year on September 1st! In the meantime her’s one final look at Dodge City Bumper Cars which has given over 5 million rides:

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3 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    I take it that Six Flags Over Georgia may not be opting for Rocky Mountain Construction I-Box re-track of Georgia Cyclone as the 50th anniversary project, which is seen as an ideal candidate for the renovation… IMO, RMC Georgia Cyclone would be neat, hopefully it gets renovated eventually. SFOG hasn’t received a new coaster since 2011, the year that Dare Devil Dive debuted. This year, Ninja was rechristened as Blue Hawk, after undergoing ride rehab/renovation.

    If I have to guess what attraction may go in the former Dodge City Bumper Cars area, I seem to be leaning toward Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, which would nicely compliment neighboring coaster Superman: Ultimate Flight. We won’t know for sure until September, when Six Flags makes its formal announcement.

    Splash Waterfalls is safe, for now. If the shoot-the-chutes water ride is to eventually leave SFOG, that plot of land would be ideal for a coaster that doesn’t take up too much space (like Premier Rides Sky Rocket II, S&S 4D Free Fly, or standard Vekoma Boomerang… or maybe a Mack Rides spinning coaster to compliment Bugs Bunny Boom-Town & DC Super Friends areas). SFOG also has open space in the Liskillet section where Deja-Vu/Whistle-Stop Park used to be, which would be ideal for another coaster and flat ride attraction. No telling when we’ll see the next Hurricane Harbor expansion.

    • Jim says:

      It will definitely be interesting to see what they opt for! I think without adding a coaster for their 50th celebration, it becomes a disappointment but would totally welcome Battle for Metropolis!

      Also, I wonder if maybe they do 2 or 3 things for the parks 50th, like a Harbor expansion, a good sized coaster, and the dark ride.

      Only time will tell, but I can’t wait for September 1st!

      • Eric says:

        It would be neat if SFOG’s 50th anniversary project could be 2 things instead of 1, but I can’t see Six Flags corporate going that route for a number of reasons.

        If I had to guess what some the other Six Flags parks could receive next year…

        Great America… I could see the Gurnee, Illinois park getting Larson Super-Loop and/or 24-story SkyScreamer.
        Magic Mountain is kind of a toss-up… and I could see the Valencia, California park getting either a flat ride collection of some sort (ranging from Larson Super-Loop, 24-story SkyScreamer, Mondial Frisbee, etc.), or Justice League. I seem to be leaning toward a new Hurricane Harbor attraction for them as well. Next coaster in 2018.
        Great Adventure… I could see the Jackson, New Jersey park also getting Justice League, if nothing else, and maybe a new HH attraction too.
        Great Escape… the Upstate New York park hasn’t added a new coaster since 2005, and I could see their next coaster being 1 of the following (like S&S El Loco, S&S 4D Free Fly, Premier Rides Sky Rocket II, Mack Rides spinning coaster, or Gravity Group wood coaster).
        La Ronde… like SFOG, the Montreal park is also celebrating the big 5-0, and I could see RMC I-Box re-track of Le Monstre, if nothing else.
        St. Louis is kind of another toss-up… I could see HH expansion of some sort, as well as kids area being rechristened as Bugs Bunny Boom-Town, and maybe even a DC Super Friends area as well… if RMC renovation of The Boss has to wait till 2018.
        Over Texas… it’ll be 6 years since New Texas Giant debuted, and I could see the Arlington, Texas park being another new coaster candidate. If an attraction has to be removed, I could see the amphitheater attraction leaving… and there’s no telling what SFOT’s next coaster could be (B&M wing coaster or floor-less coaster would be a good fit).

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