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A couple of weeks ago we showed you around the beautiful Allure of the Seas that we had the pleasure of sailing on! Also, while on that cruise we had a chance to take a behind the scenes tour of the ship to see what really makes it impressive.

Starting off with the galley (ships don’t have kitchens) here’s a look at the massive cooking areas for the big main dining rooms that serve close to 6,000 people every evening, and on some days for 3 meals in a day!

Here’s a look at the sauce and soup prep area and as you can see they make everything in not just bulk but bulk of bulks!


Over here we have the main salad prep area complete with tray after tray of pre-hand-assembled salads for service later and more in progress on a different table:


Once sauces or soups above are completed they have to be portioned to go all around the galley for each area’s needed use:


With the amount of food prep and dishes, you need more than just a couple dishwashers, here’s a look at 2 of 12 in this galley and all the racks that get loaded and sent through them:


Over in the bakery dessert areas we see lots of fancy treats being worked on:


But where do they keep all that food? Downstairs on Deck 2 there are multiple freezers and coolers. Some of them are even just for one specific food item:


We had a chance to take a look inside a few of the storage area including the beverages cooler, seafood freezer, and fruit chiller:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-060 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-061 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-062 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-063

Though we took this tour on just day 2 of our 7 day cruise the ship had already gone through a lot of food hence the empty pallets:


Down on this same deck is a main shortcut for crew members on the ship called I-95 named after the interstate here in the U.S. this wide pathway runs the entire length of the ship and has stairwells to other places around the ship.


One of those doors off I-95 leads to the engine control room and for a ship of this size it is as complex as you think it would be. With access to cameras all around the ship and control over the safety systems this control center does more than just monitor 6 engines on board this ship. This area houses all the old-school paper ship deck maps and documents/ manuals for navigation.

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-066 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-067 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-068

Below, yes I said below, Deck 1 is the absolute bottom of the ship and just above that are some of the coolest laundry machines around, from press ironing rollers to a tunnel washer, this area is made to wash a crazy amount of linens and more:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-069 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-070

To once again put it in perspective just about 15 feet below this disc of laundry is the absolute bottom of the ship and we were about 25 feet underwater, crazy to think about when you’re standing there:


Next up we paid a visit to the backstage of the theater where we got a look at a very special tree used in the acrobatic show. Unfortunately, there was a few things happening around the stage while we were on tour so we didn’t get to see much here:


On some ships you can step on the helipad but on the Oasis and Allure you can not unless you’re on this tour! We got a great view of the open water, as well as the front of the ship and bridge:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-073 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-074 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-075

How about a little reverse perspective from above?


The captain’s bridge was our last stop on our tour and we got several cool pictures. First up a look at the main control area:


Here’s a few close-ups of some of the controls, those 3 little knobs are actually controls for the 3 azipods:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-078 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-079 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-080

We close a with a look towards the aft of the ship from the side hang bridge used for precisely guiding the ship around port when docking and departing:


For more on Allure of the Seas be sure to check out our first post showing you around all the public areas of the ship:

allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-025 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-011 allure-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean-cruise-line-028

Also, if you haven’t already be sure to check out our highlight video from around the ship:

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