Baby Rhino Born ~ Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens is giving us our latest dose of cute this week, with their newest addition. Say hello to baby Winifred:

Winifred or Winnie is a 3-day old, 140 pound white rhino and is a cute site in all the pictures Busch Gardens sent us:

So why is the white rhino not white?

The word “wide” refers to the width of the rhinoceros’s mouth. So early English-speaking settlers in South Africa misinterpreted the “wijd” for “white” and the rhino with the wide mouth ended up being called the white rhino and the other one, with the narrow pointed mouth, was called the black rhinoceros.

Winnie is the cutest sight at Busch Gardens but at this time of year there’s lots of scary fun at Howl-O-Scream. Michael Oliver shared his look at the first night of the event last month!

There’s also fun for the little ones with Safari of Fun Kids’ Weekends as well! So theirs tons to see though I think Winifred is worth the visit alone!

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