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Hello and welcome to a look at SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica. While Orlando is known for it’s large selection of great theme parks, there are some awesome water parks in Orlando as well. One of these water parks is no doubt SeaWorld’s Aquatica.

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First off let’s take a look at the park map. As you can see there is quite a bit to do here. The cool thing about this waterpark is that some of the water adventures feature as well. We will take a look at a couple of those later.

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I must say that they have thought of everything here. As you can see by this picture the walkways are wet. No that is not due to the fact that people are dripping water all over. It’s due to the fact that they actually spray water onto the ground to keep it cool. This keeps your feet cool, and believe me… you notice quite quickly when there isn’t water on the sidewalk!

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We usually stake out some chairs by the wave pools. Yes I said pools as they have 2 of them! They have created a beautiful white sandy beach for you to sink your toes into while being able to run on into one of the wave pools.

The wave pools, named Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores provide a lot of fun for all ages. It’s certainly one of the water park staples.

One of the more unique attractions in the park is a river called Roa’s Rapids. This river takes you on a fast paced journey through rapids and quick moving water. This is a very popular attraction at the park. My suggestions is to where a life vest even as an adult and let the water take you away. It is a lot of fun that way.

Who’s hungry? There are actually some great food options at the park but the best deal by far is the all you can eat buffet. Banana Beach Cook-Out is an all you can eat all day buffet. Pay once, get a wristband, and come and go as you please throughout the day. At $20 per person ($18 with annual pass) You certainly get your money’s worth. On the buffet is a large selection that is sure to please the entire family. Salads, Mac N Cheese, Pizza, Pulled Pork, Nacho’s, Hot Dogs, Chicken Legs, Meatballs, Italian Sausage, & more, plus a variety of desserts. We found ourselves there quite a bit to enjoy a snack. You won’t be disappointed!

Now your tummy is full and you want to relax a few? No problem! Take a true Lazy river ride on Loggerhead Lane. This nice relaxing river sits next to the buffet so you can hop on a tube and float around for a relaxing view of some fish and Commerson Dolphins.

Here is the view of The Commerson Dolphins. Note that this exhibit also has a water slide going through it. The water slides called Dolphin Plunge go right through the dolphin enclosure. At times I’ve seen the dolphins a bit playful when it comes to the sliders.

Here is what Dolphin Plunge looks like from above

SeaWorld Aquatica 18

Overall this park has a great selection of water attractions and activities. They have a mat racer and many other slides and water play structures. Of course the biggest thrill for slides is Ihu’s Breakaway Falls. This selection of slides has 3 trap door slides that give quite the thrilling slide. I’m not sure when I actually touched the slide when I rode it, seemed as though I was free-falling the entire ride. It’s fast and a lot of fun!

With that I leave it up to you to take the time to visit this great water park. Overall it is a great time and does have some great attractions. I’ll close out with this view from the wave pool of SeaWorld’s upcoming Mako looming over the wave pool!

SeaWorld Aquatica 21

Until next time…..

-Ray-  @rollercoastinRO

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