Ray Rush Construction Tour ~ Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica invited us out for a special hard hat tour of Ray Rush, the slide we first told you about last year.  Construction on the new slide looks to be almost done, and it looked like work on the piping,  ground, and sidewalk is all that’s left.

We got to rock some pretty cool hard hats for the tour of the site:

Our tour started on the ground of the construction site where we see the completed slide structure, and work on-going on water flow pipes:

Also from the ground, we see some of the cool support structure holding up many of the neat slide elements:

The first of the slide’s three features will be a launch pad at the top of the slide. This launch will thrust riders into the slide. Most older slides start with riders loading in a small pool, and then a slide operator pushes riders into the slide. Ray Rush will start with riders loading on a conveyor, and then being dispatched into the slide.

The second feature is the 12,000 pound aqua-sphere. The Aquatica VP stated that the sphere will be translucent, meaning that guests on the ground will be able to see the riders’ shadows. Special effects will take place inside the sphere, however those effects were not disclosed during the tour.

The final feature is the signature “ray” of the ride, which is an open air half pipe. This is similar to Colossal Curl at Adventure Island and Water Country USA. The height that the riders will reach depends on the riders’ combined weight and momentum.

The slide was revealed to be 580 feet long, with a theoretical capacity of 700 riders per hour. The exact time of the ride will not be determined until test runs start. The height will be 60 feet tall, and the riders’ height requirement will be 42 inches.

We also learned that single riders will not be allowed, and no more than four riders will be allowed. There is a weighing scale at the top of the slide that will go green when a group of riders stands on it, with a maximum weight of 700 pounds.

Approximately 200 lounge chairs will be placed under Ray Rush and Walhalla Wave (its adjacent slide).

While no opening date or time-frame was revealed for Ray Rush, SeaWorld announced it will open later in spring.

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