Apocalypse, First Ever B&M to Close, Forever Six Flags America

The coaster currently known as Apocalypse at Six Flags America is the first B&M coaster ever built. Back in 1990, the stand-up coaster debuted at Six Flags Great America near Chicago.

The park recently announced the coaster would be closing on 9/8/18 for “…saying good-bye to Apocalypse will allow us to bring an all-new thrilling experience to our guests in 2019.” says park president Rick Howarth. So we’ve kinda heard this story before. Most times we see the coaster become a floor-less like Rougarou or Patriot. 

We’ll have to wait until 8/30, Six Flags announcement day, to see if the floor-less makeover is indeed the approach, or will this be the untimely end of some historic coaster track? 

Updated: Apocalypse will be reborn as Firebird a floorless coaster

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  1. September 7, 2018

    […] original B&M Apocalypse stand-up coaster closes for good 9/8; and will re-open next season as Firebird, a floorless […]

  2. September 7, 2018

    […] Not too long ago, we shared with you the news that stand-up coaster Apocalypse would give its last rides in September.   […]

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