About WGT

What is WildGravity Travels?

WildGravity Travels was created by Jim and Brent to share their love of Zoos and Aquariums, the wild; Theme Parks, the gravity and Travel with the world. They previously contributed to another blogging outlet; however, in January of 2016 decided to change course and start a site of their own.

Jim and Brent share an enthusiasm for not only the rides with-in a park, but for the themeing and atmosphere of visiting a park.  They are equally enthusiastic about attending and supporting Association and Zoos and Aquariums establishments.

The site will feature various aspects of Jim and Brent’s adventures and travels, as well as featured commentary and articles from friends and colleagues.

Who are the Creators? 

Jim is an avid coaster enthusiast originally from Ohio relocated to Florida in 2006. Growing up near so many great parks allowed him to gain knowledge of the industry and how things work. Jim’s specialties are roller coaster manufacturer/operation knowledge, and Ohio amusement park history. Jim is a trained culinarian, with over 5 years as a Chef leading him to his passion for trying new food all over the place and being qualified to review it.

Brent is co-owner and editor for WGT. He is an avid fan of roller coasters and amusement parks. Brent grew up in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and moved to Florida in 2006. Brent is also a lover of all things entertainment, parks or otherwise, and loves a good show with lots of pyrotechnics (fireworks), lasers, and lights.

Who are the Correspondents?

Ray is an avid them park and coaster enthusiast that worked in the amusement industry for seven years including world class park, Cedar Point. Ray grew up on the shores of Lake Erie and spent many years visiting not just great parks of Ohio, but parks around the country. Now that he has lived in Florida for awhile he is building his already existent love for the parks here. Like the creators of WGT, Ray is always on the go so you never know where he will post from next!

WildGravity Travels Values

WildGravity Travels (WGT) is committed to ethical and professional blogging practices.

WildGravity Travels staff and contributors will always follow park policies; unless a written waiver has been granted by management or ownership of the venue. This includes, but is not limited to, perspective and/or location of photography, entry into restricted areas, requesting expedited queue lines and loose/restricted articles taken on to ride vehicles. WGT staff and contributors will never demand any venue grant such waivers for any purpose.

WildGravity Travels staff and contributors each personally hold annual passes to the parks we cover and happily purchase these passes, without discount, from the respective venue; however, at  times staff and/or contributors are invited to a venue on a complimentary basis for specific purposes, events or announcements by the venue. In accordance with our values, we will disclose the nature of the invitation to the readers of WGT. Similarly, we will note of any discount or compensation that was given to staff or contributors by the venue in exchange for attendance or review of a product.

All reviews of venues will be the sole opinion of the reviewer(s) and shall not be influenced by compensation given to the reviewer or the ownership of this site. If the reviewer loves the venue it will be very clear; however, if the reviewer does not like any aspect of a venue, that will also be made clear.  

Wild Gravity Travels makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the information posted; however, due to the nature of the industry some articles may not be able to ensure 100% accuracy on articles, specifically those of a rumor or speculation basis . When possible, source materials will be linked and credited to original posting, however; the source of information provided to WGT may be withheld from readers for numerous reasons. If such should occur, a reason will be provided by the author.

Wild Gravity Travels will admit when a mistake has occurred and work to correct in a timely manner. If you feel that an inaccuracy has been posted please contact the administrators immediately to resolve the issue.

Wild Gravity Travels staff and contributors at no time intend to alienate, isolate, or incite an argument with any person or group. The owners of WGT welcome all comments and discussions on articles posted to the site from all points of view via the sites social media outlets, comment threads and the contact us page.

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