A Day in Tarpon Springs, Florida

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My first post is going to focus on one of Florida’s tourist traps called Tarpon Springs. Tarpon Springs started to officially become a sponging location around 1905. Ever since then it has become one of those places that many people visit because of it’s rich Florida history. Located on the west coast of Florida just north of Tampa it is a spot that can fill a good portion of your day visiting and shopping.

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They have a very rich Greek culture which allows the opportunity to eat some awesome Greek food. If you are a Gyro fan you can’t go wrong finding a good place to eat. Some of the restaurants take on a great Greek theme.

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One of the biggest draws to the area is the ability to learn about sponge diving and see all the boats and activity around the area.

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If you are so inclined there is a location that has a Sponge Diving Museum as well as a film about Sponge Diving in general. The film is actually pretty old, same one that they played when I was a child, but it does share some unique facts about the history of Tarpon Springs and Sponge Diving.

Tarpon - Springs - Florida - 005

When we were there we were lucky enough to catch a sponge diver returning from a trip out to sea. He was busy sorting all his sponges right on the street dock. Take a look at all the sponges that he brought in for the day.

Tarpon - Springs - Florida - 006

Tarpon - Springs - Florida - 007

One of the great things about Tarpon Springs is that you never know what you are going to see on the streets. On this day, there were a few old cars making their way through the streets. Take note of the shopping on the streets, plenty of cool things for sale up and down the streets of Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon - Springs - Florida - 009

To end our day, we usually head to one of the local beaches just to see the beautiful sand, water, or sunset. This beach is Fred Howard Park just a few minutes from the Sponge Dock portion of Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon - Springs - Florida - 010

To learn more about Tarpon Springs visit their tourism site: SpongeDocks.net

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