3 New Haunted Offerings at Halloweekends + More ~ Cedar Point

We’re a little over a month away from the kickoff of Halloweekends at Cedar Point (9/15) and we’ve gotten word on some new offerings and change to the event.

First up is 3 new haunted offerings:

Deprivation: No Way Out: This indoor haunted house replaces Eden Musee. Enveloped in darkness every path is a blind alley and pulse pounding clautrophobia can take hold!

Fearground Freakshow:  This is the second of 2 new indoor haunted houses and replaces Eternity Infirmary. Professor Von Fleece brings you a freak-show gone wrong.

Harvest Fear: A new scare zone located around the park’s Town Hall Museum will feature a bountiful harvest granted for generations.

Next up, Camp Snoopy will see a change. The area will no longer be home to the the Fear-y Trails outdoor scarezone ending its run at the park. The area will become known as Camp Spooky during the event.

A final piece of new fun will coffin races on the main midway!

Midnight Syndicate will be returning and is among the the ghastly show offerings!

Here’s a full list of the haunted offerings at this year’s Halloweekends, including the new ones mentioned above:

Outdoor Scare Zones: Harvest Fear, Blood on the Bayou, Cornstalkers, Cutthroat Cove, Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks, Tombstone Terror-Tory

Indoor Mazes: Deprivation: No Way Out, Fearground Freakshow, G.A. Boeckling’s Eerie Estate, Hexed, Slaughter House, Zombie High School.

Halloweekends runs weekends at the park: 9/15-10/29 (Closing Day)

Even more scary could be the villains wanted in Frontier Trail. Be sure to join us from the hootenanny 8/16 as we discover more on that project in the back of the park we’ve been covering!

Be sure to follow us on our social accounts and stay tuned for more updates as we experience Halloweeknds!

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